Allgemein · 18. März 2018

EY FutureConsumer.Now – Hackathon


EY – FutureConsumer.Now

To explore the new era of consumption, EY recently embarked on a future-gazing mission called FutureConsumer.Now. Two-day “hacks” are being held in five key global cities: London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Mumbai. So far EY is just past the halfway point, and this programme brings together clients, futurists, EY sector experts and industry leaders to examine the changes that will reshape retail over the next decade or more.

On the agenda are fundamental questions. How will people shop, play and work? How will they live, eat, stay healthy, move around and connect? And what are the implications of more than 100 change drivers, from the applications of AI and robotics to wider shifts in social structures and consumer aspirations?

For two days these thinkers analyse the future of consumption, through interviews, structured discussions and debates. So far, the sessions have unearthed a treasure trove of insights into forthcoming changes. The food industry provided a strong example. App-driven deliveries and subscription meal services are soaring in popularity. This is merely the start.

Here are some Sneak Peaks EY allowed us to share upfront with you:


Watch the highlights of the EY FutureConsumer.Now – Berlin Hackathon: